Rocketware : Web and mobile development studio - Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

Rocketware is a young company that builds and runs online and mobile products and services. We are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Our main product is Datingnode, a contemporary mobile optimised dating platform that powers numerous popular and market leading dating brands. Datingnode continues to go from strength to strength with over 1.5 million members worldwide. In addition to developing and running our own products we also provide web & mobile consultation & development services.

Rocketware Products

Datingnode is a contemporary web & mobile dating platform. We run a number of dating sites direct to consumers and also offer an exclusive white label dating programme.

Atsumi is our open source MVC framework for PHP, it's robust and lightweight. All of our web applications are built on the foundations of Atsumi. It's a lite weight, versatile & scalable.

Our values

We always respect our users

We value those who use our products and always respect their privacy and security. We treat our users how we would like to be treated.

Never compromise on quality

We don't cut corners or rush a product. We detail and polish everything we make. That's what makes our products shine.

Always refreshingly original

We rethink old problems to find elegant new solutions. We're trendsetters not followers. Our products are fresh and original, that's why they're great.

An informal introduction

Hello and welcome, it's been a crazy first 2-3 years for Rocketware. I'm really proud of the products we've created and those we've delivered for our clients. Our dating platform 'Datingnode' has attracted the attention of industry leaders and is used by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

If you would like to discuss potential business opportunities feel free to get in touch with me via our contact form or via LinkedIn.

Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes Managing & Technical Director

Pop in for a cuppa

We're based in the lovely One Aire Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. If you're local and interested in any of our products or services then we'd love to have hot beverage with you at our office and discuss it further.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us by clicking the button below and completing the contact form. You can also follow Rocketware on LinkedIn to stay up to date with product updates and announcements.